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Joe Slovo (left) and Dale McKinley, Patrick Bond (below)






NEW: The US role in Rawanda genocide

>>Added October 2005- Resources on Rawanda
a) Rawanda: How the Genocide Happened (BBC)

b) Human Rights Watch's extensive report: Rawanda - Leave None to Tell the Story

c) Ten years later (HRW)

1) The Marginalisation of Sub-Saharan Africa - Jean Nanga (IVP)
2) The Scramble for Africa - Katherine Ainger (NI)
3) Zimbabwe - For Democracy and Socialism - Dave Hempson (Frontline)
4) South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Power Politics of Bourgeois Democracy - Patrick Bond (MR)
5) The Moment of Western Marxism in South Africa - Andrew Nash (pdf)
6) Whose Interests Does the ANC Serve? - Dale McKinley (GLW)
7) Neoliberalism Comes to South Africa - Patrick Bond
8) The ANC-SACP Merry-Go-Round - Dale McKinley (GLW)
9)  Africa - Resource Wars (NI)
10)  Looting the Congo - Collette Braeckman (NI)
11) Mbecki, Mugabe and Comprador Capitalism - Patrick Bond (ZNet)
12) Who Killed Lumumba? - (Africa Within)
13) Background Briefing on Congo War - globalsecurity.org
14) Global Issues Briefings
        Oil and Nigeria
        Impact of AIDS in Africa
        Sierra Leone
        Ethiopia and Eritrea
15)  The Fate of Somalia - Shidane D. Ali and Vagn Rasmussen (IVP)
16)  For the Liberation of Equatorial Guinea - Resistance Communiques (IVP)
17)  Communalism and Socialism in Africa (Baruch Hirson - Revolutionary History)
18) Two documents from within the South African Communist Party
The two documents below are displayed for the information of readers. In the first the current SACP General Secretary tries to persuade his supporters of the amazing proposition that there is 'growing disenchantment' with capitalism inside the the South African government! The second is an outline by the late SACP leader Joe Slovo of his party's two-stage revolution theory of the SACP, focusing on the first, 'national democratic' stage. The positions in the first text of course follow from their antecedents in the second.
Blade Nzimande: An ANC Turn
Joe Slovo: The South African Working Class and the National Democratic Revolution
19. Kwame Nkrumah and the Fight against Colonialism