Daily Life Under Neoliberalism

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....WILL ATTEMPT to bring together writings from Marxist and other radical perspectives on the changes to the 'lived experience' of workers (of all kinds) in the advancede capitalist countries and beyond. Many of these topics are not much covered by Marxists, whose concentration is on broader (narrower?) questions of economic and politics. Our first focus but not exclusive will be on Britain, but many of the problems touched on here are much the same in the other English-speaking countries, and to a lesser extent continental European ones too.

TV's age of Beige is on the way - Marina Hyde, Guardian UK

The narcissism of consumer culture has left women unhappier than ever - Madeleine Bunting (Guardian UK)

A misguided manifesto - Lynne Segal on Ariel Levy's 'Female Chauvinist Pigs'

The Triumph of Celebrity Culture - Norman Soloman

Inequality is closing down our concern for others - Jenni Russell (17/01/08)

Whatever happened to the good life? - Americans keep making less and spending more. That lifestyle is contributing to supersized debt and the decline of progressive politics.

Yes we have failed Rhys Jones, but we have also failed his killer - Madeleine Bunting

Precariat Workers are starting to fight for a little stability
In Japan one third of the 51 million worforce are casual workers. Now they are fighting back

What McDonalds boom shows us about US capitalism
Phil Hearse on the resurgence of the burger corp.

What Vacation Days?
Despite being one of the richest nations, America denies its workers mandated paid vacations and sick days.

Circuit City Slaughter
On March 28 American electricals retailer Circuit City fired 3500 sales clerks, for the simple reason they were the elsest salespeople in the company and hence the most expensive (because of accumulated seniority). Besides, in this new phase of savage capitalism, employers - in the public as well as private sector - want younger, bright-eyed, career enthusiastic and union innocent workers. Ask the principal of any school trying to meet its Ofsted targets. Barbara Ehreneich reports.

Mass depression: How we stopped having fun

Barbara Ehreneich shows how the advent of capitalist society (although she doesn't call it that) broke the traditonal social bonds of feudalism and initiated the centuries' old depression epidemic

Captive - How the Ad industry pins us down
Dinyar Godrej charts how we're manipulates 24/7.

Stephanie Coontz interview - Marriage Demystified
Stephanie Coontz take a historical look at marriage and assesses how the insttitution has been modified in the last 50 years.

Why US working women are stuck in the 1950s
According to Ruth Rosen "It is as though Americans are trapped in a time warp, still convinced that women should and will care for children, the elderly, homes and communities".

Reversing the American Dream
Rick Wolff explains how many Americans are having to effectively sell back their houses to finance old age. Same in Britain too, as pensions drop far short of a liveable income. Also by Rick Wolff The Decline in Public Higher Education.

People Power defeats Tesco
A massive London tesco development has been defeated by local opposition. See also Battle over Tesco Towns Begins.

Are they Bored!!
"They Get Good Results, but are they bored". This is Jenny Russell's fantastic Augusts 2005 article on the mind-numbing effects of a neoliberalised curriculum on students in secondary schools and sixth form colleges. A must for parents and teachers alike.

New Labour's social recession
New Labour has presided over a social recession.
Neil Lawson, chair of Compass, makes some telling points about 10 years of Blairism. "Everyone looks for a meaning in their life, but all they find is shopping".

Forget raw fish and berries...
It's equality that saves people's lives. Peter Wilby on the class character of life expectancy.

Marriage rates at an all-time low
Marriage rates in Britain are at an all-time low. Frank Furedi asks why.