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louis althusser
Louis Althusser Ideology and the Ideological Apparatuses of the State
Stephen Graham Postmortem City (pdf)
Michael Lowy Democrats and Demagogues - Nationalism in the 1990s
Giulia Bentivoglio Benno Teschke's critique of Wallerstein
Maurice Godelier Structure and Contradiction in Marx's Capital
Ellen Meiksins Wood CB MacPherson: Liberalism and the tasks of socialist political theory (SR)
Ellen Meiksins Wood Marxism without Class Struggle? (SR)
Ellen Meiksins Wood The Uses and Abuses of 'Civil Society' (SR)
David Harvey The Geography of Class Power (SR)
Peter Gowan The Passages of the Russian and East European Left (1998) (SR)
Isaac Deutscher The failure of Kruschevism (SR)
Edward Thompson The Peculiarities of the English (SR)
Malcolm Bull You can't build a new society with a Stanley knife - on Negri and Hardt (LRB)
>>New Link Articles by Bertell Ollman
Amrohini Sahay
Transnationalist Nationalism: Globalization and Late Bourgeois Notions of "Freedom"
Rob Wilkie The Daydreams of iPod Capitalism
Robert Brenner Reply to McNally and Forster on Class and Competition (MR)
David Harvey Marxism, Metaphors and Ecological Politics
Michael Löwy Essays and articles (ESSF)
Jürgen Habermas Interviews
Christopher Norris Roy Bhaskar Interviewed
Neville Spencer The Rediscovery of Reality
Colin Hay What Place for Ideas in the Structure-Agency Debate? Globalisation as a 'Process Without a Subject'
Adam David Morton Gramsci, Realism and Revolution
Alfredo Saad-Filho Lula: New Dawn or False Horizon?
From 'Historical Materialism'. To purchase issues of Historical Materialism magazine click here
Mario Turchetto On Hardt and Negri
Etienne Balibar On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Lucio Colletti Bernstein and the Marxism of the Second International
Paul Le Blanc
Pierre Frank The Long March of the Trotskyists
Stuart Easterling Marx's Theory of Economic Crisis
James Petras A Marxist Critique of Post-Marxism
Antonio Gramsci The Revolution Against 'Capital'
Georg Lukacs History and Class Consciousness
  What is Orthodox Marxism?
Rosa Luxemburg The Mass Strike
War and the Workers (the Junius Pamphlet)
Christian Rakovsky The Professional Dangers of Power
Boris Kagarlitsky

Perry Anderson

Stand Off in Taiwan

NEW The Age of EJH

Interview about his life, work and the political future

The battle of ideas in building alternatives (in Spanish)

Renewals (pdf)

Daniel Bensaid The public domain versus privatisation of the world (in Spanish)
Antonio Negri

1. Between Terrorism and the Historic Compromise (Italy in the 1970s). (pdf)

2. Back to the Future (pdf)

Herbert Marcuse One Dimensional Man
Louis Althusser For Marx

Naomi Klein

No Logo (html)
Alex Callinicos Trotskyism
Leo Panitch Theory, Democracy and the Left
Robert Langston Herbert Marcuse and Marxism
Gerard Dumenil and Dominique Levy Marxist Economics - a bibliography
Peter Gowan, Martin Shaw, Leo Panitch Debate on the State, Globalisation and the New Imperialism (pdf)
Ahmed Shawki Between Things Ended and Things Begun
Mike Davis The Flames of New York
JD Bernal Dialectical Materialism and Modern Science