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New Link: ESSF (Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres)
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>>Golbalisation Monitor Hong Kong

China Labour Bulletin
Coalition of Imokalee Workers
Focus on the Global South
Committe for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM)
Globalise Resistance (UK)
New: International Union of Food and AgriculturalWorkers (IUF)
New: No Sweat
New: Mexico Labour News and Analysis
Corporate Watch
 Robert Fisk - key Middle East commentator
Hidden Agendas: John Pilger - ITV site
ATTAC (English)

Sweatshop Watch (US)

Global Exchange (US)
War on Want (UK)
War on Want - Corporations, Conflict & Poverty page
World Rainforest Movement
Free Mumia
International Solidarity Movement
Cuba Solidarity
MST (Brazil)
Rio Maria Committee
Colombia Solidarity
Free Burma Coalition
Palestine Solidarity
Voices in the Wilderness
Global Workplace

 No Logo - The Naomi Klein site

Media tools for activists
Photo resources from Pixelfighter


Class struggle and Socialist Revolution in the Philippines
Conditions of the Chinese working class
Gabriel Kolko - Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction (LMD)
Oil Majors: Raking in Profits at the World's Expense
Star Site! The Meatrix - short animated movie

Pierre Rousset on the 2005 Porto Alegre World Social Forum

Mud in Mozambique - Colin Murphy
Michael Lowy - Nation state, nationalism, globalization, internationalism
G8 Scotland meeting July protests - info
How upcoming WTO talks threaten farmers in poor countries (Oxfam)
What's Wrong with Supermarkets? - Corporate Watch UK
Mark Engler - The Last Porto Allegre (New Internationalist)
Le mouvement altermondialiste à la croisée des chemins - French (Rouge)
Oxfam - Trading Away our Rights, Women in the Global Economy (pdf)
Achin Vanaik: The Politics of Neoliberalism in India
Academic Boycott and the Israeli Left - Omar Barghouti and Lisa Taraki, The Electronic Intifada
Arundhati Roy - Public Power in the Age of Empire

AN OVERDUE DEBATEArundhati Roy and Dita Sari on the future of the Global Justice movement

Pierre Rousset - Inventory of the Mumbai Assembly
After Neoliberalism - Minq Li
George Liodakis - The New Stage of Capitalist Development and the Prospects for Globalisation
Biotech and the Agro-Food System - George Liodakis
Michel Chossudovsky: Global Poverty
Peter Gowan - The Globalisation Gamble - the Dollar-Wall St Regime and its Consequences
Mexico City - Ecological Crisis, Socialist Solutions
Istvan Meszaros: Globalising Capital
Debate: Walden Bello versus Oxfam on world trade
Walden Bellow: How to Lose a War
Walden Bello: Revolution and counter-revolution in Venezuala
Latin America Re-colonised: Janette Habel 
The future of the anti-globalisation movement: François Chesnais, Claude Sefarti and Charles-Andry Udry
Nafta and Free Trade - Sam Marcy
Walmart - Low Prices, Low wages (MR)
Take the Power to Change the World cover
JUST PUBLISHED! Take the Power to Change the World: Globalisation and the Debate on Power - including essays by John Holloway, Daniel Bensaid and Michael Lowy. Edited and introduced by Phil Hearse. 144 pages, £6,$12, € 9. Buy here (North America) or here (UK). More details here
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