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25June: China - capitalist globalisation and its consequences - Martin Hart-Landsberg (Links)
25 June: The gay rights movement has gone maainstream - but is that a good thing? (Joseph Huff-Hanon, Alternet)
25 June: It's time we made the Rich Pay (Raphie de Santos, Left Banker)
25: June 30 national strike: defend public sector pensions (Roy Wilkes, Socialist Resistance)
25 June: The Arab revolution in historical context - Perry Anderson (NLR)
25 June: Amnest renews appeal for end to military trials, protest bans and Emergency Law in Egypt
25 June: World's wealthiest now richer than before credit crunch (Jill Treanor, Guardian UK)
25 June: Egypt activists plan million-strong protest against army-Islamic stitch up (Jack Shenker, Guardian UK)
25 June: U2 hit by 'tax dodge' protest
25 June: Six days that shook Spain - Dick Nichols (Links)
25 June: Paul Mason: Greek Default - end of the world or small patatas? (the new significance)
25 June: Greece and the four horsemen of the Acropolis (counterfire)
19 June: More protests outside Green parliament
19 June: Video - Spanish protestors in new huge rally against austerity, unemployment
19 June: Spain - mass mobilisations planned as camps vote to close - Dick Nichols (GLW)
19 June: The revolution put to the test - Egyptian revolutionary socialists make a balance sheet of the movement (Socialist Worker US)
19 June: Berlusconi's referendum defeats - the view from Sinistra Critica (IV)
19 June: The Left and the crisis: a new strategy - Chris Bambery (Counterfire)
19 June: Large vote for UK teachers' strike shows mood to resist - Counterfire
19 June: Greece - Revoloution is the offing? asks the BBC
19 June: Syria - They came at dawn and they killed in cold blood (Independent UK)
19 June: Lenin's Marxism - Paul Le Blanc
May 28: Chiena Mieville: A Life in Writing (Guardian UK)
19 June: Spain - The revolt of the indignad@s: moving on to the next stage - Josep Maria Antentas, Esther Vivas (IV)
arundhati roy
17 June: Arundhati Roy on Maoist revolt, Kashmir repression and the revolt of the poor in India
17 June: Riot and resistance in Athens (Russia TV)
14 June: Bahrain to sue Independent for 'libel'
6 June: Private university is odious - Terry Eagleton (Guardian UK)
May 28: Demonstrators reoccupy Plaza de Catalunya after
police attack on demonstrators (BBC)

May 28: Crude police repression In Barcelona as riot police attack
demonstrators in the Plaza de Catalunya

May 20: Spain takes to the streets - real democracy (Counterfire)
May 20: Spanish protestors head for standoff with police (Guardian UK)
Live streaming video from Puerta del Sol here
May 20: The Spanish Revolution starts in Madrid (WL central)
May 3: New on the Documents page - Louis Althusser, Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatuses
May 3: Tariq Ali - the Pakistani ISI knew where he was all along, and then gave the green light
May 3. Robert Fisk: A middle-aged nonentity, a political failure outstripped by history – by the millions of Arabs demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East – died in Pakistan yesterday. And then the world went mad.
This amazing video captures the true scale of the March 26 protest. Filmed by Paul Hanes over four hours and compressed into 23 minutes it shows the whole demonstration. (Counterfire)

March 28: Egypt - a state of counter-emergency: Amar Ezat (Al Masryalyoum)
March 28: Egypt military police3 hospitalise 12 students as they break up Cairo university campus protest, while student turmoil spreads -(report and podcast, NPR)
March 28: Hundreds march to protest Egypt's new anti-strike law (Ahram online)

gilMarch 28: Gilbert Achcar on Libyan intervention debate

Gilbert Achcar gives a spirited defence of his position of critical support for the 'no fly' zone.
March 26 demo
March 27: Hundreds of thousands march in London

Protest at Banias, Syria
March 20: Syria Protests - breaking the wall of fear
March 20: Air War - Tom Engglerhardt
March 20: Gilbert Achcar: Assessing Libya