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Norm Dixon How the Bush gang seized the opportunity of 9/11

Kathryn Dwyer : Rogue State, a History of US Terror

Peter Gowan: Twilight of the European Project

Ellen Meiksins Wood Capitalist Empire and the Nation State: A New U.S. Imperialism?

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin: Global Capitalism and American Empire

Tariq Ali: The Same Old Racket In Iraq

Socialist Resistance: What Next for the New Imperialism?

Charles Glass: Is Syria Next?

Gilbert Achcar: Clash of Barbarisms -  interview (PDF)

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Suzi Weissman interviews Tariq Ali Bush in Babylon

Gabriel Kolko: Unilateral War

Anatol Levien: A trap of their own making

Peter Gowan: America's Global Gamble

Charlie Post: The Economic Impact of War and Occupation

Ellen Meiksins Wood:  Infinite War

Naomi Klein: When some lives are worth more than others

Perry Anderson: Force and Consent

Claude Serfati Militarism and Imperialism in the 21st Century

Che Guevara Two, Three, Many Vietnams!

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Business Week and FT:  Is Bush Bad for US Capitalism?

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